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Trump Urges Peaceful Protests to Save America

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Summary: Former President Donald Trump has called for peaceful protests to “save our country.” In a statement posted on Truth Social, he criticized what he perceives as a double standard in the treatment of MAGA supporters compared to radical-left protestors.

Trump argues that America-loving protestors should be allowed to demonstrate at courthouses across the country, just like anyone else.

Introduction: Former President Donald Trump has issued a call for peaceful protests across the United States, urging citizens to use their voices to advocate for the preservation of American freedom.

In a scathing statement posted on Truth Social, Trump highlighted what he sees as a double standard in the treatment of protestors based on their political affiliations.

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In his statement, Trump expressed concern over the disparate treatment of protestors. He pointed out that while Palestinian protestors and even rioters are allowed to roam cities, block traffic, and engage in various activities without permits, those who support the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement are often denied the right to “peacefully protest.”

According to Trump, these America-loving protestors are systematically shut down and ushered away to distant “holding areas,” effectively denying them their constitutional rights.

The former president also criticized the justice system and free speech in America, describing them as “chilled.” He argued that protestors who love their country should be allowed to demonstrate at the front steps of courthouses nationwide, just like any other group.

Trump’s comments appear to have been prompted by the ongoing trial in Manhattan, where a perimeter has been drawn around the courthouse. He labeled this closed area as “SO UNFAIR,” drawing attention to the situation at Columbia University.

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There, pro-Palestinian protestors have allegedly engaged in anti-Semitic behavior during an ongoing demonstration and encampment. NBC News reported that the situation had become so concerned that classes were held virtually on Monday due to the violent rhetoric and reported actions on campus.


As the debate over protest rights continues, Trump’s call for peaceful demonstrations aims to highlight what he perceives as an unequal treatment of protestors.

The question remains: should America-loving protestors be allowed to express their views freely, regardless of their political affiliations? The answer may shape the future of protest movements in the country. 🇺🇸

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One thought on “Trump Urges Peaceful Protests to Save America

  • Manifester est un Droit.
    Quand un Parti Politique est derrière, c’est mal perçu et réprimé. Par contre quand c’est la population/société civile elle-même aux commandes d’une manif, comme les confessions religieuses, les mouvements des femmes exemple femmes des agents de l’ordre, maraîchères, vendeuses au marché etc., est plus accepté.


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