Trump Gains Overwhelming Support with 100+ Endorsements Surging from South Carolina

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Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Thursday that the 45th president had earned more than 100 Republican endorsements in the Palmetto State, indicating staggering support for his reelection ahead of the primary.

“Today’s announcement is in addition to the more than 250 grassroots leaders who endorsed President Trump in South Carolina in June,” the campaign stated.

President Trump’s South Carolina leadership team includes Gov. Henry McMaster, R-S.C., Rep. Russell Fry, R-S.C., and over 100 other GOP representatives, officials, and councilmen.

In November, Trump racked up support among legislators and public leaders in South Carolina, contributing to the overall total of more than 250 endorsements there.

According to a recent Emerson College poll, President Trump is leading by 29 points in South Carolina over GOP candidate and South Carolina’s former governor, Nikki Haley.

President Trump’s dominance in Haley’s home state is a sign of organic strength headed into the Feb. 24 early primary election.

State Rep. Case Brittain, R-S.C., explained via the Trump campaign, “South Carolina is going to play a critical role on President Trump’s path to becoming the 45th and 47th President of the United States, and everything I’m seeing on the ground shows he is going to dominate on February 24.” 

Since declaring his candidacy for reelection, President Trump has made many trips to South Carolina; however, South Carolina residents may probably anticipate his return until the first early primary contests in states like Iowa and New Hampshire are concluded.

After attacking Haley’s odds of winning the 2024 primary, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who terminated his troubled presidential campaign on Wednesday, has attracted more attention.

“She’s gonna get smoked,” he said on a hot mic, per Politico. “…She’s not up to this.”

It appears from the most recent South Carolina surveys that Haley has very little chance of defeating Trump among voters. The 45th president’s grassroots appeal among Republicans in the Palmetto State seems to be further strengthened by recent endorsements.

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