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Summary: Despite ongoing legal battles and courtroom inconveniences, former President Donald Trump has managed to significantly increase his net worth in 2024. The focal point of news coverage, Trump’s financial gains come as he campaigns for presidential reelection. Here’s how he’s raking in billions:

The Bonus Earnout and the Merger

Last week, RSBN reported that Trump was set to receive a bonus earnout of DJT stock, totaling 36 million shares valued at over $1 billion. This windfall is tied to the anticipated merger between Trump’s media company, TMTG, and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC). The merger has boosted Trump’s net worth substantially.

Trump’s $1.8 Billion Payout

This week, Trump received his bonus with DJT stock, adding a staggering $1.8 billion to his coffers. CBS News confirms that TMTG awarded him the extra shares based on the stock’s performance, requiring it to stay above $17.50 per share for 20 trading days within a 30-day period. Trump now holds 114.75 million shares of TMTG.

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Waiting Period and Majority Stakeholder Status

RSBN notes that Trump must wait at least 150 days before selling any stock to cash in on this multi-billion-dollar windfall. Currently, he remains the majority stakeholder in the company.

Truth Social’s Expansion

The financial gains from the merger have paved the way for Trump’s free-speech platform, Truth Social, to expand rapidly. The platform is currently in the developmental stages of rolling out a live-streaming app.

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Despite legal challenges, Trump’s financial prowess continues to make headlines, leaving many wondering how he manages to thrive amidst adversity¹. His ability to turn litigation hurdles into opportunities remains a hallmark of his business acumen². As the campaign season heats up, Trump’s financial fortunes remain a topic of interest, especially as he aims to outraise his political opponents.

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