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Trump Lambasts Judge Engoron and Alleges Ongoing

Trump Lambasts Judge Engoron and Alleges Ongoing


Former President Donald Trump held a press conference at the Trump Building, where he criticized New York Judge Arthur Engoron, accusing him of corruption and alleging ongoing “election interference” in 2024. Trump’s remarks were prompted by his involvement in the “hush money” case overseen by Judge Juan Merchan, with a trial date set for April 15.

Trump also condemned Mark Pomerantz, author of a book implicating him in legal matters. He blamed Governor Biden and his allies for orchestrating legal challenges against him, claiming they were motivated by political motives. Trump lamented the economic decline and rise in crime in New York, which he attributed to what he termed “lawfare.” Despite expressing satisfaction with a reduction in bond amount by the appellate division, Trump reiterated his accusation of corruption against Judge Engoron. These events highlight the ongoing political divisions and controversies surrounding Trump’s legal battles.


In a fiery press conference held at the Trump Building on Monday afternoon, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back as he launched a scathing attack on New York Judge Arthur Engoron, accusing him of corruption and perpetuating what he labeled as “election interference” in 2024.

Trump’s remarks come amidst his ongoing legal battles, particularly the “hush money” case overseen by Judge Juan Merchan, where a trial date has been set for April 15. The former president wasted no time in lambasting not only Judge Engoron but also Mark Pomerantz, author of the controversial book “People vs. Donald Trump,” which allegedly details Pomerantz’s role in urging District Attorney Alvin Bragg to indict Trump in the aforementioned case.

“This is ALL about election interference,” Trump emphatically declared, suggesting that the legal actions against him were orchestrated by political opponents unable to win on policy grounds.

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Trump didn’t mince words in his criticism of New York’s legal system, blaming Governor Biden and his allies for what he perceives as a concerted effort to derail his political career. He lamented the state’s loss of economic opportunities, the exodus of businesses and residents, and the surge in violent crime, which he attributed to what he termed “lawfare.”

Furthermore, Trump contended that the timing of these legal challenges was no coincidence, insinuating that they were deliberately timed to coincide with his announcement of a potential 2024 reelection campaign. He suggested that had he not been considering another run for office, these cases wouldn’t have surfaced.

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Despite his frustration with the legal proceedings, Trump expressed some satisfaction with the appellate division’s decision to substantially reduce the originally proposed half-billion-dollar bond amount, albeit still substantial at $175 million. He seized the opportunity to once again castigate Judge Engoron, labeling him as “corrupt” and accusing him of bias against him.

“It’s a lot of money still, but the judge is corrupt in my opinion,” Trump asserted, further alleging that Engoron had preconceived notions about the case before even hearing the arguments.

As the legal battles continue to unfold, Trump’s combative stance against what he perceives as political vendettas underscores the deep divisions and animosities that continue to shape the American political landscape. Whether his allegations hold merit or not, one thing remains clear: the specter of Trump’s influence looms large, continuing to provoke controversy and contention.

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