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Billionaires Rally for Trump’s 2024 Campaign Amidst Legal Battles and Record Fundraising

Summary: In the political landscape of 2024, with President Joe Biden’s declining popularity, billionaire donors are rallying behind former President Trump, who has emerged victorious in the GOP primary. A Bloomberg report highlights an upcoming fundraiser in Manhattan, signaling strong financial backing for Trump’s campaign despite ongoing legal challenges.

Trump’s recent fundraising achievements include a record-breaking $50 million in one night, emphasizing a call for change among both wealthy and average citizens. The Republican National Committee (RNC) also reports significant daily online donations, reflecting widespread grassroots support as the election approaches.

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As the 2024 presidential election draws near, the political tides are turning with billionaire donors placing their confidence in former President Donald Trump. Despite President Joe Biden’s waning approval ratings, Trump’s campaign has gained momentum, bolstered by significant financial support from both elite and grassroots levels.

A recent Bloomberg report reveals that billionaires John Paulsen, Woody Johnson, and Howard Lutnik are set to host a high-profile fundraiser for Trump in the bustling heart of Manhattan. This event comes at a critical time as Trump faces ongoing legal proceedings, yet these challenges have seemingly only fueled his fundraising prowess.

In a remarkable display of financial clout, Trump shattered records at a Palm Beach fundraiser in April, where an exclusive gathering of around 100 guests contributed over $50 million in a single evening. The steep entry fee of up to $814,600 per person, as reported by the Associated Press, underscores the deep pockets willing to back Trump’s bid for change.

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Trump’s rhetoric at the event resonated with a broad audience, as he proclaimed, “People are just wanting CHANGE. Rich people want it, poor people want it, everybody wants change.” His promise to restore America’s stature was met with enthusiasm, as supporters eagerly contributed to his vision of making America great again.

The fundraising success isn’t limited to high-dollar events. According to the new RNC Chairman Michael Whatley, small-dollar donations have been pouring in online, amounting to at least $1 million daily while Trump is in court. This influx of support from everyday Americans signifies a robust nationwide backing for Trump’s campaign.

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With the election only six months away, the upcoming billionaire-hosted fundraiser in New York is poised to further cement Trump’s financial foundation. As both wealthy donors and small-scale contributors unite behind his campaign, Trump’s 2024 run is shaping up to be a formidable force in the political arena.

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