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Megyn Kelly Makes Big Reveal After Interviewing Former Trump

After talking to former President Donald Trump on her SiriusXM show, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Megyn Kelly told a big secret. Kelly said that she has “begrudging respect” for Trump, even though she and Trump have been at odds in the past.

“We respect each other even though we don’t like each other,” Kelly said. “I think we both know we’re both tough as nails and don’t mind saying what we think.”

Since 2015, when she led a Republican presidential debate and asked Trump about what he had said about women in the past, she and Trump have had a tense relationship. Trump was very angry with Kelly, and for several days after the discussion, he attacked her in public.

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Even though they have been fighting, Kelly decided to have Trump on her show in 2023. Kelly later said that she was surprised by Trump’s desire to answer her tough questions. The interview was surprisingly friendly.

Kelly said, “He’s a very smart man.” “And he is a tough guy. And he has done very well for himself.”

Many people are going to be surprised when Kelly says that she has “begrudging respect” for Trump. She has been an outspoken foe of Trump in the past. She has said that he lies and is bad for democracy.

But it’s important to keep in mind that Kelly is a reporter. Her job is to cover the news and talk to people from all walks of life, even if she doesn’t agree with them.

Kelly’s talk with Trump shows that you can respect someone even if you disagree with them on politics. It’s also a warning that writers should be ready to talk to people on all parts of the political spectrum.

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What does this mean for what will happen next?

What Kelly’s news about Trump means for the future is not clear. But it’s possible that she’s trying to show that she’s ready to learn more about Trump and his followers.

People have said that Kelly is too quick to write off Trump and his followers. Her admission that she has “begrudging respect” for Trump hints that she may be more open to talking with his fans in the future.

This could be good for the politics of the United States. Kelly is a well-known writer who has a lot of readers. If she can talk to Trump fans in a more useful way, it could help bring people on opposite sides of the political spectrum together.

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