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Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, expressed his support for President Trump on Monday in the ongoing criminal trial Trump faces in New York state.

Regarding the substance of the case, Vance took aim at Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s main witness and the primary source of the charges being pursued against Trump.

“Michael Cohen is the prosecution’s star witness,” Vance said. “This guy is a convicted felon…Does any reasonable, sensible person believe anything that Michael Cohen says? I don’t think that they should and I actually think that his testimony is going to hurt with any reasonable juror. Hopefully, we have a few of those.”

Vance was among a group of supporters who accompanied Trump to court on Monday ahead of Cohen’s testimony which included his son, Eric Trump, and Alabama Sen. Tommy Turberville.

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The senator continued, pointing out the apparent political bias of the prosecution. “Every single person involved in this prosecution is practically a Democratic political operative,” Vance said. “The Judge inside, his daughter is making millions running against Donald Trump, raising money for Donald Trump’s political opponents.”

Vance’s views on Cohen echo Trump’s past statements regarding his former personal attorney. In spite of the gag order placed on him by Judge Juan Merchan, Trump has accused Cohen of lying during the course of the hush money trial.

Vance continued, calling out the broader implications of the trial against Trump and the repercussions such politicization of the justice system could have on future elections and the political process.

“What’s going on inside that courtroom is a threat to American democracy,” Vance said. “We cannot have a country where you get to prosecute your political opponents instead of persuading voters.”

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