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Donald Trump has focused heavily on urging high voter turnout in the 2024 Republican presidential primary election, and on the morning of Super Tuesday, his message to Americans was loud and clear: “Please get out and VOTE!”

He wrote this final pre-election message on Truth Social, coupled with his comment that Super Tuesday was a “really big deal.”

On the eve of Super Tuesday, the president further pushed for high voter turnout in comments made to RSBN, foreshadowing what he described as a “freight train” that was coming in November 2024.

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He pressed, “Get out to VOTE tomorrow…we want to send a signal that we’re coming, this freight train’s COMING…I think it’s going to be RECORD-SETTING. I hope so.”


With dozens of points lead in every state, Trump is cruising to victory in the fifteen primary states on Super Tuesday.

Legislators for America First and Trump supporters urged voters to cast ballots in favor of President Trump’s primary bid in 2024 on Tuesday morning. “Leave and VOTE FOR TRUMP!” Writer on X, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.

At two consecutive rallies last week, President Trump enthusiastically received support in Virginia and North Carolina. He noted the tremendous primary enthusiasm that has propelled his campaign this year during his remarks in Richmond.

“We’ve been launching like a ROCKET to the Republican nomination,” he declared.

Yes, the president has emerged victorious from each state primary thus far. Prior to what is probably going to be a complete sweep for Trump on Super Tuesday, he has secured historic victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the Virgin Islands, South Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, and North Dakota.

He told voters in Virgnia, “We want to send a BIG signal…We want you to GET OUT AND VOTE in BIG MARGINS!”

Following Super Tuesday, the Trump campaign has announced that the president will hold a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in Rome, Georgia. Their presidential primary will take place next week on March 12.

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