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Trump attacked the campaign trail this weekend with strength, encouraging Iowans on Saturday to “get out and vote” on Monday, Jan. 15, in the rapidly approaching Iowa caucuses, which will set the tone for the Republican presidential primary race this year.

At a Team Trump Commit to Caucus rally in Newton, Iowa, he said, “We have to get out there, every one of us HAVE to get out there – it really sends a message for November!”

The president declared that winning the Iowa caucuses would send a “thunderous message” to those who seek to destroy America.

“You will declare that we are going to take back our country, we are going to defeat Joe Biden…we’re going to make America great again and it all starts right here in Iowa!” he said, drawing cheers from a full room of Trump supporters and likely caucus-goers in the Hawkeye State.

President Trump also explained that he would be headed to Iowa next week, where he will spend the day for the caucuses.

“The stakes of this election could not be higher,” Trump continued, deriding the ongoing southern border crisis that Joe Biden has facilitated without shame.

“Violent criminals are running wild in our Democrat-run cities,” he continued.

President Trump called Joe Biden a “threat to democracy” because of his gross incompetence.

He also pointed out that all of the violence in the world today, like the unrest in the Middle East and Ukraine, would have “never” happened if he was in the White House right now.

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