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Ten Reasons Why Every Suburban Women Should Support Trump in 2024

Much has been said about the voting behavior of the “suburban woman” in the United States, and even more has been said about the importance of earning the female vote in America’s modern elections.

RSBN reported last year that women have historically cast ten million more votes than men in the most recent election cycles, making one thing inarguably clear: women have a lot of power on the political stage in the United States.

Therefore, earning the vote of American women is now a key cornerstone to any prospectively successful political campaign. However, as President Donald Trump holds historic leads in the polls nationwide in both the GOP primary and the general election, critics have claimed that Trump can’t win the coveted female vote.

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Here are the top ten reasons why every so-called suburban woman in America must cast the white noise and hysteria of the media aside and vote for President Donald J. Trump in November.

1: Safety and immigration

President Trump doesn’t mess around when it comes to the safety and security of the American people. He worked hard to build several hundred miles of wall during his first term in the White House and successfully established immigration protocols that worked (like Remain in Mexico). In 2025, he vowed that he would seal up the border and implement a nationwide deportation operation that would remove millions of illegal entrants and potential terrorists from American soil. This will make the United States far safer than it is now.

2: School choice and homeschool support

Giving parents the ability to have school choice in their child’s education is a key part of the president’s prospective plan to rehaul America’s beleaguered education system. He has promised to implement a 10-point agenda to bring this plan to fruition, which includes cutting funding to Critical Race Theory curriculum, and empowering parents and school boards to fire teachers and principals. He would also allow homeschool families to receive the same financial benefits as any other child, including up to $10,000 to spend, completely tax-free, on their education.

3: The protection of women’s spaces and sports

Women’s sports and spaces have been invaded by men who claim to be women. Female athletes are being forced to dress in locker rooms beside biological male transgender athletes, as in the case of collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines.

This cultural trend has reached a fever pitch, and President Trump has pledged to protect the dignity and security of women’s spaces in a prospective 2025 administration by keeping “men the hell out of women’s sports.”

4: Religious freedom

President Donald Trump has a winning history of protecting religious freedom like no other modern president.

Americans may recall that the president stopped the unconstitutional muzzling of churches by easing the limitations of the Johnson Amendment while in office. Historically, non-profits and churches filing as a 501(c)(3) could not endorse political candidates or participate in the political process. Trump put an end to that in 2017 with an executive order. He has always stood up for religious freedom, pastors, and children.

5: Revamping education and protecting children

Trump has long promised that, upon a return to the Oval Office, he would take a hammer to the “transgender insanity” raging in the nation’s schools.

“I will immediately sign a new EO to cut federal funding for any school that’s pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity and any other racial, sexual or political content on our children – THEY’RE CHILDREN,” he said last spring.

He is also poised to launch a creative alternative to the battered educational landscape in the U.S. called “The American Academy,” which would eradicate the need for far-left, hive-mind universities like Harvard and Yale.

6: Restoring economic supremacy and power

Women are just as affected as men regarding the crestfallen state of the American economy.

Between inflation and supply chain problems, U.S. citizens are feeling the sting of high prices of goods, soaring mortgage rates, and out-of-sight automobile price tags. Much of this problem can be traced to America’s energy dependence on other countries, thanks to Joe Biden’s thankless leadership.

It’s no secret that life was better under Trump, and it will be again with him as president. “We will have the U.S. economy roaring back and, in 2025, we will have one of the greatest economic years this nation has ever recorded,” he said in 2023. He will focus on bringing domestic energy production back to the United States and “drill baby drill.”

7: Reestablishing global peace

When Trump was in the White House, there were no wars.

He strongarmed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Forbidden City, and coolly established a friendly rapport with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also brokered the historic Abraham Accords, which brought great peace to the Middle East.

As the world careens toward a potential global conflict amid multiple violent fronts, President Trump is the only voice calling for common sense de-escalation and peace.

“Standing before you today, I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III, I promise,” he vowed in New Hampshire.

Trump will bring peaceful solutions to the world stage. He’s the only candidate with a track record proving he can do it.

8: Abortion and its ramifications

Trump is very common sense on the issue of abortion.

Conservative and pro-life voters know that without the appointment of his three U.S. Supreme Court Justice picks while in office, Roe v. Wade would never have been overturned.

He was the only sitting president in history to attend the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. He is one of the few candidates in Republican history who has figured out how to win the populist vote on the issue of abortion.

And, let’s face it, abortion is simply not on the ballot in November.

The termination of Roe v. Wade handed that issue back to the sovereign states, where it should be. Women and pro-life Americans can rest assured that Trump has handily dealt with the issue on the federal level and that he will continue to advocate for the protection of the unborn when it is necessary.

9: Incentives for families to grow

Trump introduced a futuristic “Quantum Leap” plan in 2023 as part of his Agenda47 campaign that would stoke the flames of the American frontier spirit.

Under his plan, he will launch a Strategic National Manufacturing Initiative, lower the cost of cars, houses, and living, introduce “Baby Bonuses” that would incentivize young parents to kick off a “new baby boom,” and implement the building of new “Freedom Cities.”

This would revolutionize the landscape of America and give the younger generation a chance to dream again.

10: Drug addiction and childhood illness

Trump has strongly addressed the issue of drug addiction in America. He signed the SUPPORT Act while in office, which was “the largest investment EVER in combatting the opioid epidemic.”

As president again, he will declare war on the drug cartels, utilize military assets to shut down drug trafficking at the border, and ask for Congress to pass legislation authorizing the death penalty for convicted drug traffickers.

He will further deal with the problem of rising childhood chronic illnesses, which should endear him to those who support medical freedom.

“Every year, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars to treat these chronic problems rather than looking at what is causing them in the first place,” he said in an Agenda47 policy video.

The information is collected from Rsbnetwork website.

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