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Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing from Trump Organization in Testimony

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In a dramatic turn of events during the hush money trial against Donald Trump, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen admitted to stealing money from the Trump Organization. This admission came under intense cross-examination by Trump’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, who aimed to undermine Cohen’s credibility by highlighting his history of dishonesty.

The defense is now set to present its arguments, following the prosecution’s case resting on Monday. Despite the prosecution’s reliance on Cohen as a star witness, the defense’s efforts to impeach his credibility may significantly impact the trial’s outcome.

Donald Trump’s legal defense team is preparing to present its case in the ongoing hush money trial after the prosecution concluded its arguments on Monday. The prosecution’s case leaned heavily on the testimony of Michael Cohen, a former attorney for Trump, whose credibility has been a focal point of the trial.

Cohen, once a close associate and legal advisor to Trump, has admitted to lying on several occasions, including to Congress and in court under oath. Over several days of testimony, Trump’s defense team, led by attorney Todd Blanche, aimed to expose these past lies to weaken the prosecution’s reliance on Cohen as a credible witness.


During a thorough cross-examination, Blanche used phone records and text messages to challenge Cohen’s statements about his communications with Trump regarding payments to Stormy Daniels. By highlighting inconsistencies and gaps in Cohen’s narrative, Blanche sought to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

One of the most significant moments of the cross-examination occurred when Blanche confronted Cohen about his integrity. When asked directly if he had stolen money from the Trump Organization, Cohen admitted, “Yes, sir,” without offering any denial or justification. This admission could prove pivotal, as it directly undermines Cohen’s reliability and truthfulness.

With the prosecution’s case now closed, the defense team is gearing up to present its arguments. Todd Blanche has already taken steps to capitalize on the damage to Cohen’s credibility, requesting Judge Merchan to dismiss the 34 counts of falsifying business records against Trump. The judge has yet to make a decision on this request, and the trial is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

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As the trial progresses, the defense’s strategy of discrediting Cohen might play a crucial role in determining the outcome. Cohen’s admission to theft and his history of dishonesty present significant challenges to the prosecution’s case, potentially swaying the jury in favor of Trump’s defense.

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