BREAKING: Trump Prosecutor, Jack Smith’s Alleged Role In Extortion Scheme While At the International Court of Justice Is Revealed

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My old friend and business partner, John Moynihan, filed a whistleblower complaint with the Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office on November 28 alleging that Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor pursuing Donald Trump, was engaged in an extortion scheme while he was working at the International Court of Justice.

(You can find the complaint at the bottom of this linked article by Patrick Byrne.) It is no coincidence that Jack Smith, in the wake of that complaint, made an impromptu move on Monday (December 11) asking the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether Donald Trump had immunity to the charges filed by Smith. Moynihan’s complaint was filed on November 28, 2023 and Smith, 13 days later decides to bypass the Appeals Courts. Smells like politics.

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The Moynihan complaint is political dynamite because it provides circumstantial evidence to support Donald Trump’s belief that Jack Smith is not only politically motivated but corrupt. The Trump team wisely has refrained from piling on this news in order to avoid accusations that this was a manufactured hit job.

Let’s start with the man who brought this complaint. John Francis Moynihan is a former employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and has been my business partner since 1998. We have pursued separate activities over the last four years, but remain in close contact and work on projects from time to time. John is hands down the best expert in the world on money laundering and financial crimes. He lays out his credentials in the opening paragraph of the complaint:

I am currently a consultant to the DEA and other United States law enforcement agencies. I have thirty-five years expe1ience investigating domestic and international money laundering cases in both criminal and civil matters. The cases I have worked on involve complex domestic and international financial transactions and have resulted in indictments, plea agreements, criminal convictions, large scale seizures of money, and
settlements in the billions of dollars. I continue to assist the Department of Justice and the Treasury Department in money laundering and other cases, some of which are currently ongoing.’ All of which is to say that I am a recognized expert in the areas of money laundering and financial investigations.

John learned of Jack Smith’s alleged involvement thanks to a tip from a friend and DEA Agent, who had a confidential informant, who alerted him to the extortion scheme at the ICJ (as stated in the complaint).

The complaint includes affidavits from four people with ties to Kosovo — Milaim Zeka, Edlira Qefalija, Halit Sahitaj and Darko Perovic. I want to focus specifically on the sworn testimony of Halit Sahitaj because it provides the most comprehensive account of the Jack Smith’s machinations at the ICJ and raises serious questions about the integrity of the Court and its trials.

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Sahitaj, an Albanian by birth, lives in Spain and is a wealthy businessman with contacts throughout the Balkans and Russia. According to his sworn affidavit, Sahitaj says he learned of the extortion scheme from a man who used the name “Florian”, who claimed to be an American working for the CIA. “Florian’s” real name is Faik lmeri and he is listed as a Belgian, not an American on his driver’s license. Florian/Imeri first contacted Sahitaj in February 2022.

image 15
Faik Imeri

Imeri is not just some bloke masquerading as a CIA asset. He had a direct relationship with Jack Smith and he introduced Halit to Jack Smith and, according to the affidavit:

induced [Halit Sahitaj[ into doing the bidding of the Specialist Prosecutors office to extort Russian oligarchs and the family and friends of Thaci in exchange for leniency. Specifically, Imeri directed Halit to find Russian oligarchs who are on the U.S. sanction list so they could offer “assistance” to get them off the list or, for those oligarchs who were not on the list, to keep them off.


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