World War’s third could begin, Trump said

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World War’s third could begin, Trump said. Donald Trump News, USA News

speaking at a religious conservative conference in the U.S. state of Tennessee on Friday. At the same time, he said, Washington’s role in the Russian-U.K. war is raising fears of a third world war.  KFK  Donald Trump also said that the “huge amount of military aid provided by Washington to Kyiv could lead to a conflict in Ukraine that could escalate into World War third.”

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 Russia has unilaterally blamed the West for the current situation in Ukraine, but former US President Donald Trump has been taking the opposite path from the beginning . 

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has sharply criticized the outside administration for tackling the economic crisis caused by the ongoing war Trump. He said the United States had decided to give 56 56 billion to Ukraine where European countries had provided only a few billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. 

“We have recently provided িয়ন 40 billion in aid to Ukraine,” the former US president said of the aid package already approved by the Biden administration in the wake of the dispute with Russia. Earlier, another ৬ 16 billion was given. In other words, the United States has provided a total of 58 billion dollars in aid to Kiev.  

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“But if you look at Europe, countries like Germany and France have a lot less aid to Ukraine than the United States. We’re giving 56 billion, and they’re all just giving a few billion dollars, “said Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump has been pointing fingers at the foreign administration behind the military operation in Ukraine. Earlier in the day, Trump said at a rally that Russia would never invade Ukraine if he were in power.

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He also claimed that he had talked with Putin about the dire consequences of the war in Ukraine during his presidency. 

At the event, Donald Trump also hinted at a fight in the 2024 presidential election. Addressing supporters, he asked, “Do you want to see me fight for the presidency again?” In response, his supporters cheered loudly. 

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