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Woman Asks Trump If She Can Pray For Him, And His Response Says It All

Woman Asks Trump If She Can Pray For Him, And His Response Says It All

Former President Donald Trump dropped by a diner in South Carolina before a campaign event on Saturday, and an interaction between one of his female employees instantly went viral on social media.

A video clip posted online shows Trump ordering at the counter when the woman asks him if he can pray for her.

Yes, go ahead and do it, said the former president with his right hand in his right hand and his left hand on her shoulder.

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It’s so awesome! We need someone to pray for us, someone to tell us that if we put our trust and faith in God, things will get better! Bless this young lady for praying for our president responded one user.

One of the reasons why America was good and will always be good. Without a secure moral foundation, we are in great danger of being driven by powerful forces for ourselves. So that’s our first goal other users wrote.

 “South Carolina is now my favorite state,” said another.

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God’s blessings follow this ice cream worker because he is an ambassador of Jesus Christ! He is in my prayers! Our President Trump and his family in Jesus’ name, Amen commented another.

On the other hand, according to CNN, Trump said that he is more committed to regaining the White House than before.

Appearing in New Hampshire before a second stop in South Carolina, Trump said he was increasingly angry about the country’s direction and vowed to return to the first nation’s primary state many more times.


“I talked to him for a while, you know, if you want to run, go with your heart,” Trump said.

CNN also noted that Valley said in 2021 that he would not challenge Trump if he ran in 2024, so it’s unclear if that has changed.

During his event in the state, Trump said, every day is like April Fool’s Day under President Joe Biden, according to Newsmax.

They want to evade our police. Unconvinced, Trump said the riot-filled 2020 presidential campaign was a resurgence of Democrats’ rallying cries that have since led to mass crime waves.

Every day in America is April Fools’ Day, Trump reiterated, going to blast Hunter and Joe Biden for allegedly storing classified documents, even a ‘laptop’, in the garage of a home they shared in Wilmilton Dale.

He also chided Biden for the independence of US forces achieved in his first term as well as the greatest economy in American history.

If elected in 2024, Trump promised open borders under Breeden and would impose criminal penalties on future presidents if they do not control illegal immigration after he leaves office in January 2021.

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Also repeating a campaign promise made earlier this week, Trump said he would defend schools that try to expose our children to “sick” sexual content or teach critical racial information.

After defending New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary status — under attack from Breeden, who wants South Carolina to be the first state primary in 2024 — Trump said he would work to keep South Carolina first.


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