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Will Trump be indicted? What do we know about the Georgia grand jury report?

Will Trump be indicted? What do we know about the Georgia grand jury report?

Prosecutors in Georgia have given their biggest indication that former President Donald Trump could be charged with trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election, while arguing against the release of a special grand jury report.

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Fulton County District Attorney Anthony, Fanny Willis on Tuesday urged Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney not to release an emergency finding that has spent months investigating the activities of former presidents and their dead surrounding the last presidential election.

While not naming anyone, Willis asked the judge to be careful to protect the rights of future defendants in the ongoing criminal investigation, adding that a decision on a potential criminal charge is imminent.

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Although the special grand jury heard testimony from witnesses for several months before adjourning in early January, Willis will ultimately decide who will be charged.

The investigation primarily centers on whether Trump committed any wrongdoing during a January 2021 call he had with the Georgia secretary of state in which the former president asked him to “find” the 11,780 votes needed to defeat Joe Biden in the state.


The investigation has expanded to include allegations of a conspiracy by Trump allies to send fake Georgia electors to falsely declare his heart in several key states in 2020, as well as allegations of intimidation and allegations of election workers.

Eventually, Trump was able to get out of the Georgia investigation.


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