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Who is the powerful figure who just endorsed Trump?

Who is the powerful figure who just endorsed Trump? POLITICAL ALLIES: TRUMP GAINS POWERFUL ENDORSEMENT HEADING INTO 2024

In politics, it’s critical to have reliable friends and allies who will back your candidacy. An further strong endorsement for President Donald Trump has been received.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, R-N.C., has officially endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP primary for the 2024 presidential election.

As a lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson spoke at a Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina, proclaiming that he is “living proof that the American dream is not dead.”

Trump has now paid back his political ally’s favor in 2023.

At a Washington, D.C., event hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Robinson declared his support for Trump. The Road to Majority conference, which is organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition and is thought of as a high-profile event, brings together Christian conservatives from all around the nation.

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In terms of their political careers, both Trump and Robinson made a wise choice with this. For Trump, it demonstrates to people that his presidential campaign is picking up steam, while for Robinson, it strengthens an already-existing relationship that will be crucial for a future, more significant announcement.

In this case for the lieutenant governor, it came when he decided to run for higher office, and Trump added his own support for Robinson in the gubernatorial race. Robinson officially tweeted at the end of April announcing his own bid for the governor of North Carolina.

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