When Trump says it, he wins Millions of votes, then the crowd cheers

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When Trump says it, he wins Millions of votes, then the crowd cheers. The crowd cheered as Trump said he won by millions of votes

Given President Trump Friday night at an electrifying Save America rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona,
He appeared there and gave a speech. He won the 2020 presidential election by “millions” of votes. He presented this in his speech.

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He said, “I ran twice, I won twice… and likewise got more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country!”

As he said this in the speech, the crowd cheered wildly in North, waving Trump signs and shouting their support for the 45th president.

Trump dismissed the audience on Saturday for turning “chaos into chaos” and “competence into incompetence,” slamming Biden and the “radical left.”

On the issue, he further said, “Elections were rigged and stolen, and now our country is being systematically destroyed because of it.”

He delivered some additional speeches along with his speech, the topics of which were border security and the economy.

attacked “radical Democrats” and strongly stumped for America First candidates like gubernatorial frontrunner Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters.

“When Curry Lake is governor… it’s going to be night and day,” Trump said, comparing his hardline, dirty political views to “Rinos,” who are “worse than the Democrats.”

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However, the situation is known that his popularity is gradually increasing. It is believed that his popularity may increase in the future and he may return to the White House.

But Donald Trump’s popularity has not decreased yet, there are many who love him and support him.

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