Trump says teachers shouldn’t be allowed to ‘teach transgender kids’ Former without the permission of parents, children, teachers transgender should not allow.

He did so in his recent remarks about transgender people.  “No teacher should be allowed to teach our children heterosexuality without parental consent,

and I don’t think too many people will agree. Not too much,” the former president said. Trump made the remarks during his keynote address at the Road to Majority Policy Conference of the Faith and

Freedom Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, and also gender norms criticized what he described as a President Donald Trump is considering an issue that has quickly Republicans:

discussing gender and sexual identity in the classroom. “Pushing gender ideology, thinking about young people is nothing less than child abuse,” he said, adding that when he spoke in Nashville,

the politics of the “radical left” For” religion “has become and it has” distorted their sense of right and wrong. They have no sense of right and wrong. True and false. Good and evil. “

However, this is not the only time he has commented on the issue of gender identity in schools.  President-elect Donald Trump has commented on this issue before.

He made similar comments at a rally in Wyoming on May 28. At the time, Donaltram said in a statement, “No teacher should be allowed to teach our children transgender

“Can you imagine?” More Read: “We’re going to save our kids and we’re going to keep men away from women’s sports. Is that okay?” transgender female

athletes in women’s sports competitions touch on the issue of The issue has become a major topic of discussion among conservatives, with a recent bill from

Ohio designed to ban transgender girls from competing in sports, sparking outrage over a clause that would allow transgender people to have genital mutilation.

That part of the law will now be removed after receiving feedback, it is learned. However, with some changes, the issue of transgender women’s sports and gender identity classroom

In this regard, current President Joe Biden on LGBTQI + rights has signed an executive order Pride Month .  discussions this year’s midterm elections could be the focus of

This order will aim to address inequality and conversion therapy among other issues.  Announcing the executive order, the White House statement highlighted more than 300