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Donald Trump may not be on the ballot, but his former officials are

Late last Thursday, CNN speculated that Ryan Jinke, a former congressman who served as Home Secretary under Trump,

won the GOP primary in Montana’s 1st Congressional District on Tuesday.   This was not an easy task for Tebizink. He had to work hard to do it.in 2018 

President-elect Donald Trump has set a record high this year For success in the high-profile Republican primary. In one case, however, it was noticed that Donaltram 

effectiveness. To prove his influence, promote former administration officials who are vying for office. Donald Trump and several other former officials have 

recently run in the general election.in February 2021 former colleague Max Miller.  This word has been highlighted on the CNN website. I have just informed you about it Let’s find

out now from one of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach the then-president for his role on January 6. Later that year,

Gonzalez announced that he would not run for re-election. Following the redistricting process, Miller is running in the same district as

GOP Republican Bob Gibbs, who has also decided to seek another term. According to the Cnn website, the most notable member of Donald Trump’s administration running for office