Update News: Brad Johnson, a former Marlboro Man, and actor in Steven Spielberg's Always, has died. He was 62.

The actor died on February 18 in Fort Worth, Texas, Entertainment Weekly confirmed. Learn more Next page:

In a career spanning more than three decades, Johnson is credited with starring in 45 TV series and films, according to his IMDB page.

Johnson began his professional rodeo career in 1984, which will take him to Dallas where he met his wife, Laurie.

Ted Baker in the 1989 film "Always", Rayford Steele in the "Left Behind" film series, and  Dr. In "Melrose Place". 

Dominic O'Malley was his most notable role. According to one death, Johnson was a "true Renaissance man" who was "

not only interested in giving his whole life, but was also gifted in it."  Johnson's first major acting role came in Spielberg's 1989 play Always, 

where he starred opposite Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus. Johnson is survived by his wife, Laurie, and their eight children.