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According to President Donald Trump, seemingly every major outlet under the sun has begun advocating for the death of the leader of the America First movement, facilitating a narrative shift through the 2022 midterms.

Trump, no stranger to painting a target on his back, emerged from the midterm election season after a year of sacrifice and hard work, only to be greeted by a relentless barrage of media harassment and pundit pontificating.

The far-left Democrat and the supposedly conservative figure has made comments calling for President Trump to withdraw from politics. Indeed, just one day after Election Day, news outlets everywhere are unilaterally declaring that Trump’s days are over and that Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is the new and necessary leader of the Republican Party.

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But what is he?

Trump is still the kingmaker

President Trump’s endorsement picks for the 2022 midterms and election irregularities reflect the severity of the ballot-counting chaos that has plagued the nation since 2020.

According to RSBN, Trump had 219 wins and 16 losses this midterm season just after Election Day. According to a report by The National Pulse, this equates to a 93 percent approval success rate. Trump has poured the most time, effort or passion into the Save America movement.

However, Trump said during his November 15 presidential campaign announcement speech, “I want to point out that during the midterms, my endorsement success rate was 232 wins and only 22 losses – the media will never show you that. “

According to the Washington Times, Trump has held an astounding 30 rallies this year, allowing him to rally Republican voters under the banner of an America First agenda. Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Cary Lake and Republican US Senator-elect for Ohio, J.D., have capped the political careers of the dynamo. Vance.

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Trump has also spoken at CPAC, held generally, attended conventions and summits, and has worked tirelessly to bring the full force of his political power behind strong, conservative candidates who have the best chance of winning over radical Democrats or unprepared “RINOs.” “

The truth always remains, most of the candidates that Trump has chosen between 2021 and 2022 will now make their way to the Senate or House to fight for American values.

Trump can call a rally anywhere in the United States and attract thousands of people within days.

Trump has cemented his position as the only strong and fearless leader of the GOP, and he has proven that he is the political kingmaker of the Republican Party.

A great victory against election rigging

Trump is loved by everyone. No president has ever been as beloved as President Trump. He, alone, has the power and strength to support candidates in their respective races across the country and carry them to the finish line. No one else has that kind of influence – and the GOP, Democrats and the mainstream media know it.

On Monday, Trump noted, “Ballots by mail, long election counts, multi-day elections, machines that few people understand, huge counting centers and more are American disasters. Our selection has become an unbelievable farce, and the whole world is watching!”

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, provided an example of a suspected ballot dump during the Georgia Senate race, where more than 100,000 ballots were suddenly added to incumbent Democrat Sen. walker

As candidates appear to have “lost” their leads all week after facing vote tabulation problems during the ballot count in Arizona, the question remains: What was the impact of the fraud? 2022 midterms? And more importantly, why doesn’t anyone talk about it?

“Another massive election scam,” Trump wrote on Monday. “Wake up America!”

Trump’s midterm victory is projected to be even more impressive given the widespread polling problems a week after the election.


Trump is our nation’s brightest hope

Our selection is a laughing stock. Our economy is collapsing. The mainstream media has once again declared war on President Trump in the wake of the midterm elections, especially now that he has officially announced that he will make another bid to retake the presidency from Joe Biden and the far-left Democrats.

Only Trump can bring this country back from the brink of destruction. The 2022 midterms may not be as thunderous as some hoped, but there have been enough victories for the Republican Party to hold on to freedom just a little longer. That in itself is something to be grateful to President Trump.

Trump warned the nation of the fight during his announcement speech, saying, “The journey ahead will be tough—if anyone wants to take on a rigged and corrupt system, they will face a firestorm that few will understand.”

Establishment politicians, the DC swamp, the mainstream media, and even those who claim to be fair and true conservatives have quickly turned their backs on President Trump since the midterms.

When Trump initially ran for president in 2016, the entire power of the entertainment industry and the political news cycle turned against him. Just one day before the 2016 presidential election, a Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll ridiculously predicted that then-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a 90 percent chance of beating Trump on Election Day.

Trump, of course, emerged victorious in 2016 and became the nation’s commander-in-chief.

The media and its enablers repeatedly tell the American public what it wants to be, not the truth. Trump is our brightest hope for this nation. He’s the leader of the free world, and now that he’s officially back in the race to win the presidency, he’ll wage a political war against his opponents just as he did in 2016 — and he’ll no doubt become dominant once more.

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