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WATCH information: Donald Trump Floats Possible VP Pick!

WATCH: President Trump Floats Possible VP Pick!

Former President Donald Trump has been hinting for months about who might run with him in 2024, and he has finally started to name names. In a recent interview, Trump said that he is thinking about former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as possible VP picks.

Brewer is a strict Republican who is known for being tough on immigration. She was the first woman to be governor of Arizona. From 2009 to 2015, she was in office for two terms. Scott is South Carolina’s first Black Republican senator.

People think he could run for president in the future because he is a rising star in the Republican Party. Brown used to be a senator from Massachusetts for the Republican Party. He is known for his moderate views and his ability to win over people who don’t always agree with the majority.

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Trump has said that he is also thinking about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as possible VP candidates.

It’s still too early to say who Trump will pick as his running mate in 2024. But based on what he has said recently, it seems like he is starting to cut down his list of possible choices.

Since then, Trump’s words have led to a lot of talk about who he might pick. Some people who study politics think he will probably choose a conservative Republican who can help him speak to his base.

Others think he might choose a more moderate Republican who can help him win over people who aren’t sure which party they want to vote for.

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The only way to know who Trump will pick as his running mate in 2024 is to wait. But his latest comments show that he is serious about winning the election and is already thinking about who he needs to help him do that.

What do you think of Trump’s potential VP picks? Who do you think he will choose?

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