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WATCH: Hilarious! Pence Gets Shamed In Front Of Crowd

I am just going to come right out and say it: the MAGA movement despises Mike Pence. …

The former Vice President has come to represent the neocon ideas that have devastated this nation’s middle class and corrupted the establishment.

Like with many invading issues, America’s modern-day empire problem began immediately after the end of WWII, but the primary indications of decline and disintegration didn’t emerge until a very long time later. …

For me, this issue did not really intensify and grow until George W. Bush’s “Presidency”—the most well-known neocon warmonger.

The majority, if not all, of our current problems, can be attributed to Bush. Under his leadership, the security surveillance state, deficit spending, the degradation of fundamental freedoms, and America’s general economic deterioration all accelerated or significantly.


Many regard President Trump as the cure to this corrupted “conservative” movement and a dysfunctional two-system party; Pence now represents the exact opposite.

Pence was answering questions from the audience while speaking at a rally in Iowa when a patriot spoke up to criticize Pence. …

When Pence was asked about Tucker Carlson’s career being virtually ended, he dodged the question and instead reaffirmed his support for Ukraine. … This information is untrue.

Below, you can see a video of it happening:

Rogan O’Handley presented the now-infamous interaction between Pence and Tucker Carlson that purportedly ‘ended’ his career in politics.

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O’Handley writes: “This is insane to hear. When Pence was asked why he’s more focused on sending tanks to Ukraine than fixing up American cities that have been destroyed by Biden, open borders, bail reform, and fentanyl, he said: “That’s not my concern.” What?!”

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