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Vivek Ramaswamy Reveals Nikki Haley’s Real Name

Vivek Ramaswamy has taken a jab at Nikki Haley on his campaign website, calling out her claim that he doesn’t support Israel.

The Vivek campaign wrote that Haley is “lying” and that her “desperation is showing.” They continued by saying that by the end of Vivek’s first term, the US-Israel relationship will be “deeper and stronger than ever” because it will be a “true friendship.”

Nimarata Randhawa is Nikki Haley’s real name, although since she was a little child, she has gone by the nickname Nikki.

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Unknown circumstances may have led to Ramaswamy’s insult of Haley. He might, however, be reacting to Haley’s recent criticism of him. In a recent interview, Haley claimed that Ramaswamy “doesn’t comprehend” the problems facing the nation and is “not qualified” to serve as president.

Haley’s criticism has not yet received a response from Ramaswamy.

The US and Israel have a complicated relationship, and it is unclear if Ramaswamy would be a good friend to Israel or not. Nonetheless, the message from his campaign indicates that he is devoted to improving the ties between the two nations.

The future will only be able to reveal Ramaswamy’s character as president and his approach to the US-Israel relationship. But according to his campaign’s statement, he is a fervent friend of Israel and will try to improve relations between the two nations.

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