Vaccine protection vs. omicron infection may drop to 30% but does cut severe disease

Omicron infection has drop by about 30% as a result of the Pfizer vaccine given to the people of South Africa. Omicron variant was first caught in South Africa about a month ago and has since spread rapidly to Europe and North America.

The researchers said that the Omicron variant could take a more formidable form than the covid-19. This is because the Omicron variant from COVID-19 is spreading very fast.

A few days ago, PFIZER started activities to prepare vaccine against Omicron variant. The PFIZER vaccine has been shown to reduce the Omicron variant to about 30% in South Africa.

Omicron infection may drop to 30%

Researchers’ views on the vaccine:

vaccine has been developed against Omicron variant. How well the vaccines have worked. The first news published in this regard is mixed.Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest private health insurer, tested the vaccine against the omicron variant.

They came from researchers at the South African Medical Research Council. Probably 78,000 people infected with the omicron variant were tested on Tuesday.About half of those tested took two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Looking at the results after testing, the two vaccines work similarly against the new omicron variant. However, they found the Moderna vaccine to be a little more effective.

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What scientists have reported about the effectiveness of vaccines:

Pfizer tested the vaccine against the omicron variant infection in South Africa. The omicron variant works against about 30% but the effectiveness of its previous vaccine against omicron was 80%.

This information is easily understood by those who have not been vaccinated by Pfizer. People who have been vaccinated with Pfizer are 30% less likely to be infected than those who have not.

Also found in several studies. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were about 60% to 70% effective against infections.

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