Donald Trump predicts victory with ‘truth’ on his side: ‘Make America Great Again’

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Donald Trump predicts victory with ‘truth’ on his side: ‘Make America Great Again’

On Saturday, Trump inspired the American people and sent a message of strength. At Mar-a-Lago, the FBI conducted a one-week raid on the disorder.

Trump showed no signs of backing down to the DC venue. The DOJ proved it was still willing to arm the FBI to raid his home. He wrote a simple, but powerful statement about Truth Social: “Make America Great Again!”

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Trump has acted with political integrity and caution. A slogan in his 2016 proclamation has sparked hope among freedom-loving Americans.

Trump has worked for the country in such a way that he is ready to fight for the people and he will never stop fighting.

No matter how many investigations, deceptions, raids, or other intimidation tactics they try, Trump is always on the path of truth and he is confident that he will win in the end.

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Moreover, he tried his best to stop various frauds and crimes in American cities and made people aware of it.

And he said the truth always wins. I’m for the truth and I have the truth so I’m going to win,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Saturday.

The campaign is seen as politically motivated to hurt Trump’s public eye, but the American people support and stand by him more than ever.

Trump says, ‘I’ve got the strongest poll numbers ever, the public gets the ‘scam,’ but this time before everyone else,” the 45th president added on Truth Social.

The 45th president’s post on Truth Social comes after Attorney General Merrick Garland filed a motion to unseal the search warrant used by the FBI at Trump’s private residence in Florida.

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Attorney Iliad Hakim was assigned to monitor the situation. As if he had failed to explain an unannounced raid by publishing the warrant without an affidavit.

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