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US women will be forced to give birth to rapists: Biden

US women will be forced to give birth to rapists: Biden.Malta abortion law, the pregnancy, abortion ban.

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US President Joe Biden has said he is “shocked” by the US Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, which is nearly 50 years old. This is a sad day in the United States. The country sets foot on an extremely risky and dangerous path.

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Incumbent President Joe Biden told the White House Constitution, “The court has done what it has never done before. The court, in particular, stripped it of its constitutional right, which is a very fundamental right for many Americans. “

Incumbent US President Joe Biden also said the court’s ruling was “so cruel that women would be forced to give birth to a child of a rapist.”

Biden now thinks that ‘Row vs. Wade’ was such a decision So that women have the right to choose the path of abortion and the state, there was a balance within the jurisdiction to handle the matter. And that was “acceptable” to most Americans.

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However, Biden called the decision “wrong.” However, he said, “This is not the end. People who have fought for abortion rights in the United States still have one last word to say

According to the BBC, at the end of the speech, Biden demonstrated peace to all and above all parties to the abortion controversy.
Called for protests. He said the violence was unacceptable. Threats, intimidation is not a language or speech.

Finally, addressing women in the United States, Biden said he knows they (women) will face much more difficult situations now. Biden assured that he would listen to the women at this time, support them and be by their side.

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In states that currently have abortion restrictions, Biden said women there could go to other parts of the country to get help if they wanted.

“My administration will support this fundamental right,” Biden said. No official can interfere in a woman’s right to travel.

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In addition, the administration will ensure that women receive birth control pills and abortion drugs. ”

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