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Twitter has finally reinstated the official Team Trump campaign account

Twitter has finally reinstated the official Team Trump campaign account

At a time when Twitter was controlled by left-wing elites, a wholesale decision was finally made to wage war against free speech and, more specifically, against conservative voices. Becomes most aware of.

Political strategist Alex Lorusso, known as “ALX” on Twitter,

Newly dubbed CEO Elon Musk fell victim to the platform’s authoritarian speech policy before acquiring the social media platform and beginning to reinstate accounts to restore free speech. Lorusso’s account was reinstated in November, around the same time President Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga. and personal accounts of a few others.


After LaRusso gained access to his account, he became the target of lobbying Musk to continue his restoration efforts. In fact, LaRusso eventually managed to work hand-in-hand with Musk to fix Twitter’s old authoritarian policies, while also restoring it to the values of free speech and political neutrality, which it had abandoned years ago. But while President Trump regained his personal account, LaRusso quickly discovered that he still hadn’t regained his campaign account, “Team Trump.”

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In a statement obtained exclusively by RSBN, LaRusso said:

“Being a previously suspended user myself, I am advocating for the reinstatement of other wrongly-banned accounts using my platform. It was brought to my attention by @DillonFillionIA that Trump’s campaign account had been suspended, so I tweeted to reinstate the account since Trump was reinstated and he is officially a candidate for office.”

Tweet Lorusso was referring to:

Shortly after LaRusso requested reinstatement of the Trump account, Twitter, unlocked the account just one day later.

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