Truth Social’s new surprise, Truth Social is now available for Android

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Truth Social’s new surprise, Truth Social is now available for Android

Donald Trump’s Truth Social will be available not only in the App Store but  Google Play Store.

As a result, not only Apple users, Android users can use truth Social.

 Donald Trump’s hit social media platform, Truth Social is expanding to Android users.

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the platform announced the news on Wednesday #TruthSocial Android app is now available for pre-order on the Google Play Store for our US-based users!” the

The truth social media platform made a news announcement on Wednesday. The announcement said, “The #TruthSocial Android App is now available for our US-based users to pre-order in the Google Play Store!”

In addition to iPhone users, there are many Android users in the world. Therefore, if you add this social app to the App Store as well as Google Play Store , Android users will be able to use this social media. 

As a result, the Truth Social will be realized internationally and will spread a lot among people.  

In July, the Truth Social platform announced that the social media had become available to UK users, with CEO Devin Nunes claiming it would be a “great place to be established” as an international brand,

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“You’re going to have a lot better engagement on Truth Social than you will anywhere else, and you don’t have that risk of being censored for your political views,” Nunes said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

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