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Donald Trump’s own social media, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes said the attack would not win to shut down the social network.

In a June interview with Dave Rubin, the former congressman told Truth Social, “We’re building this block by block, Dave, and we’re doing it in such a way that no one will be able to stop us.”

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Nunes also noted that although distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have made it difficult for alternative social networks to catch up in the past,

Truth has tried to keep itself away from those attacks by using the infrastructure of Social Rumble and building an experienced team.

Truth Social will add to the goal of becoming a “family-friendly” social network.

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Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes said in another message that this is Truth
The absence of pornographic content or illegal activity on social sites should also act as a buffer against attempts to de-platform the app. “We will not censor people for politics,” he said.

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“You can talk about any heinous thing on the platform politically, but we don’t want a lot of rubbish that I think they will try to use. To get us out of these platforms, and I think it’s for our benefit.”

Truth Social was released or launched last February. The social networking app was launched by President Trump following his suspension from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the wake of the January 6 capital riots.

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Since the launch of this social media TV, the app has followed them looking for a platform for freedom of speech without political censorship.

“Our company’s mission, Truth Social, is pretty simple,” Nunes says. “We’re here to open up Internet backups and give people back their voices,” he added.

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The Californian added that, with new features at work, he believes Truth Social is on its way to competing with other major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

“You have to remember, we’re only open in the United States,” he noted. “It’s the only place we’re open to right now, so think when we open it worldwide.”

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Finally, the truth of Donald Trump’s social media is not open to the whole country at present. It has only been made available in the United States. But it is hoped that it will soon be available worldwide.

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