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Trump’s Unshakable Optimism: Even in the Face of Legal Woes

 Donald Trump gave Iowans in Fort Dodge a glimpse into the legal battles he has been facing this year, slamming the current ongoing civil fraud trial in New York, which has garnered enormous media attention.

“We have a RIGGED court case,” he said, giving remarks at a Team Trump Iowa Commit to Caucus event.

Trump explained, “We have an AG who campaigned on saying…’I WILL GET DONALD TRUMP.’”

He was referring to New York State Attorney General Letitia James. He also slammed the presiding trial judge, Arthur Engoron, for being a “Democrat club politician” who had “been overturned four times” already.

This week, a New York appellate judge issued a suspension of a gag order issued by Judge Engoron against Trump in the case, marking a victory for the president in the case.


Despite the challenges he has faced, Trump optimistically shared, “Somehow, it’s going to work out…Somehow, I can’t tell you how, it’s going to work out!”

The 45th president added that he believed the legal battles were helping his campaign, explaining that the people “see it as a persecution of a political candidate.”

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