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Trump’s Tax Returns Could Be His Achilles Heel in Florida

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As long as his tax returns are kept secret from the public, former president Donald Trump is facing an increasing political problem in Florida, where he now calls home.

Since his initial presidential campaign in 2016, Trump has refused to make his tax returns public, citing ongoing IRS examinations as justification. Many experts, however, think that Trump is merely trying to conceal something and that the audits are merely a ruse.

If Trump’s tax returns are ever made public, they might reveal a number of embarrassing facts. They might demonstrate, for instance, that Trump paid little to no taxes, that he made unethical or unlawful financial decisions, or that he owed money to foreign companies.

Any of these discoveries might harm Trump’s status politically in Florida, where he is up against a number of obstacles. In addition to the legal issues he is currently dealing with—including inquiries into his financial dealings and his involvement in the attack on the Capitol on January 6—he is also seeking for re-election in 2024.

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According to a survey done in March 2023, 52% of Florida voters indicated they would be less likely to support Trump if his tax returns were made public. This implies that the tax returns may pose a significant political liability for Trump.

Naturally, it’s also conceivable that Trump’s tax returns won’t yield any damning information. The fact that he has withheld them for so long, meanwhile, has only increased rumors about what they might hold.

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If Trump’s tax returns are ever made public, they might have a big effect on his Florida political future. They might harm his reputation, make it harder for him to raise money, and alienate voters who are concerned about his business practices.

What is on Trump’s tax returns won’t be known for some time. The fact that he has steadfastly refused to release them, however, has already significantly increased their political risk.

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