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Trump’s Secret Plan to Save Iowa Farms

Iowa Farmers in Shock After Trump Makes This Promise. Former President Donald Trump Visits Iowa, Promises Farmers Support.

On October 2, 2023, former President Donald Trump held his first rally in Iowa since leaving office. Trump defended Iowa farmers and slammed President Joe Biden’s economic policies in Ottumwa before thousands.

“We love our farmers!” Trump said. “Under President Biden, the cost of living is going up, prices are going up, and farmers are struggling. But I will always be there for the farmers of Iowa.”

Trump also said Biden’s energy proposals will affect Iowa’s ethanol economy. “Biden wants to get rid of gasoline-powered cars,” Trump stated. “That would ruin Iowa ethanol production. But I’ll always defend ethanol.”

Trump’s visit to Iowa suggests he may run for president again in 2024. The first Republican presidential caucus was held in Iowa, which Trump won easily in 2016.

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History of Trump and Iowa Farmers

Trump has traditionally supported Iowa farmers. He vowed to renegotiate unfavorable trade accords for American farmers throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. He also vowed to implement the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which compels oil refiners to mix ethanol and biodiesel into gasoline and diesel.

Trump maintained his Iowa farmer pledges after becoming office. He incorporated American farmer-friendly measures in NAFTA and USMCA while renegotiating them. He also implemented the RFS, which increased demand for Iowa-produced ethanol and biodiesel.

Economic Policies of Biden and Iowa Farmers

President Biden’s economic initiatives had varied effects on Iowa farmers. Farmers battling with COVID-19 received billions of dollars from Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, signed by Biden, would spend billions in rural infrastructure, including farmer-essential roads and bridges.

However, Biden’s energy ideas worry Iowa farmers. Biden wants to convert the US to a renewable energy economy by 2050, eliminating fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. This change might affect Iowa’s gasoline and diesel-dependent ethanol business.

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President Trump’s Promises to Iowa Farmers

In Ottumwa, Trump promised to protect Iowa farmers if reelected in 2024. He vowed to renegotiate unjust trade accords for American farmers. He also pledged to enforce the RFS and safeguard Iowa’s ethanol sector.

Iowa voters would certainly like Trump’s promises to agriculture. Farmers are vital to Iowa’s economy. Iowa voters worried about Biden’s economic ideas on agriculture may favor Trump’s backing for farmers.

Trump’s visit to Iowa suggests he may run for president again in 2024. Iowa is a major Republican presidential state, and Trump’s promise to protect farmers may appeal to many voters.

If elected president again, Trump may keep his promises to Iowa farmers. However, his travel to Iowa and speech in Ottumwa show he is determined to win back Iowa votes.

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