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Trump’s new trade deal: Is it  fair deal for America?





This week, President Donald Trump revealed a new Agenda47 plank, calling it the “Trump Reciprocal Trade Act,” which would “level the playing field for American workers.”

In a new policy video unveiled on Wednesday, Trump detailed how he would address Joe Biden’s “record trade deficits,” which have cost the country “countless jobs and trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth.”

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He declared, “We will slap India, China, or any other nation with the same exact tariff if they impose a 100 or 200 percent tax on products made in the United States. Or to put it another way, 100% is 100%. If they tax us, we tax them back in precise proportion and at the same rate—an eye for an eye. One thing is certain: the tariff will likely be reduced, but it’s acceptable if they don’t. We’ll bring in a lot of money.

Further clarifying, Trump said that other nations would be forced to either drop their tariffs against the United States or “pay us hundreds of billions of dollars, the United States will make an absolute fortune.”

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“This will especially help our great farmers in Iowa and other agricultural states, and it will help our manufactures all across the nation,” he continued.

The Trump campaign also shared a few benefits of raising tariffs on foreign countries:

  • “As tariffs go up, taxes on American workers, families, and businesses can come down,
  • Raising tariffs on foreign producers while lowering taxes for domestic producers will help keep jobs and wealth in the United States,
  • Higher tariffs create millions of new jobs, increase real household income, boost GDP, increase domestic manufacturing output, and generate hundreds of billions of dollars in new government revenue.”

We need reciprocity and justice, Trump continued. The word is reciprocity. We do it to them, and they do it to us. This will be a crucial component of our plan to bring money and jobs back to the United States, spark an economic boom that will strengthen our middle class, and end our reliance on China and other nations.

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The United States has, according to the president, “been the whipping post for everyone else” on the international scene. “We have been a country that was disrespected on trade, and frankly, disrespected on just about everything,” he said. “Not anymore.”

In the past, Trump has proposed an America First strategy aimed at reducing Chinese aggressiveness and ending America’s reliance on them in terms of trade and manufacturing. According to RSBN, one of his policies is to revoke China’s “most favored nation” designation.




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