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Trump’s message to Russia: A coup could be your worst nightmare

On his TRUTH Social platform, former president Donald Trump issued a cautionary statement in response to the potential Russian coup attempt on Saturday.

“A big mess in Russia, but be careful what you wish for. Next in may be far worse!” The 45th president wrote.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner organization, announced on Saturday that he had directed his mercenary men to cease moving toward Moscow and turn around and travel back to their bases.

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Prior to the end of the armed uprising, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin advised Russians to remain off the roads and proclaimed Monday to be a day off for the majority of citizens, with the exception of those employed in the public sector and industrial businesses.

The spokeswoman for Russian President Vladimir Putin refuted reports that he had left Moscow.

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The Ministry of Defense and Prigozhin have been at odds for a long time over how the war in Ukraine is being conducted. As Prigozhin stated on Friday night that he had withdrawn his soldiers from Ukraine and entered Russia through Rostov,

Tensions boiled over, according to CNN. He said that his men had been attacked by the Kremlin, which the administration vehemently denies.

The mercenary leader is being investigated by Russia for instigating an armed uprising.

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