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Trump’s Legal Troubles Mount as He’s Indicted on Four Counts

In Washington, D.C., a federal grand jury has indicted Donald Trump once more and filed four counts against him.

Trump is charged with the following, per online court documents:

  • Conspiracy to defraud the United States,
  • Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding,
  • Obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding,
  • Conspiracy against rights.

The Trump campaign issued an official statement in response to the indictment, noting, “This is nothing more than the latest corrupt chapters in the continued pathetic attempt by the Biden Crime Family and their weaponized Department of Justice to interfere with the 2024 Presidential Election, in which President Trump is the undisputed frontrunner, and leading by substantial margins.”

They also noted that the president would not be “deterred by disgraceful and unprecedented political targeting!”

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