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Trump’s Former Counsel EXPOSES His TRUE COLORS

Former Trump White House attorney Pat Cipollone claims that the former president was “removed from reality” and “unfit for office” in a new book, painting a devastating portrayal of him.

The publication of “A Holy Oath,” a book by Cipollone, is scheduled for July 28. Cipollone describes a number of occasions in which he attempted to alert Trump to the potential legal repercussions of his behavior in passages published by The Washington Post.

Cipollone claims that he informed Trump that, for instance, his efforts to exert pressure on Georgia election officials to “discover” votes were “wrong” and “unconstitutional.” Additionally, he claims that he informed Trump that his plan to storm the Capitol on January 6 “would result in violence” and was “illegal.”


Trump’s reputation, which has already been tainted by his involvement in the attack on January 6, is sure to be harmed by Cipollone’s statement. Also, it is probably going to play a significant role in the continuing investigations of Trump’s behavior.

Trump criticized Cipollone’s book in a statement, calling it “full of lies and rubbish.” Several witnesses, though, including former Trump advisers Cassidy Hutchinson and Mark Meadows, support Cipollone’s testimony.

The release of Cipollone’s book coincides with an intensifying legal investigation into Trump. In addition to being the subject of several criminal investigations in New York, he is currently being looked into by the House Select Committee looking into the attack on January 6.

The pressure on Trump will probably increase as a result of Cipollone’s book, and it may also decrease his prospects of receiving the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

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The release of Pat Cipollone’s book is a significant setback for Donald Trump. Trump’s reputation is likely to suffer further from Cipollone’s description of his actions, which may potentially hurt his chances of receiving the GOP presidential nominee in 2024.

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One thought on “Trump’s Former Counsel EXPOSES His TRUE COLORS

  • Ted Brenner

    No president goes 4 years without making g mistakes,gifferent when you plan crimes and make up stuff.


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