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Trump’s Former Adviser Steve Bannon Makes Bold Prediction About 2024


Steve Bannon, host of “War Room,” delivered a powerful speech at Turning Point Action this past weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was met by thousands of excited guests, who exploded in applause when he reached the podium on Sunday.

Trump’s supporter and former White House advisor Bannon predicted to the audience that the president would “get north of 80 million votes” and “be the 47th president of the United States” in the 2024 election.

Although facing substantial legal difficulties over the past year, the media personality was unwavering in his statements over the weekend, claiming that America was engaged in a “HOLY WAR” against the Deep State’s corruption.

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He said, “We don’t have time for a diversion, we need to be focused right now on the election apparatuses…in Georgia, Arizona, and to get behind Donald Trump and GET SERIOUS about TAKING THIS COUNTRY BACK!”

He continued, “This is a CRUSADE! This is a HOLY WAR against the Deep State. Donald Trump is our instrument for RETRIBUTION. I don’t want to hear Glenn Youngkin in a vest, I don’t want to hear Kemp with his Georgia accent…Donald Trump is our instrument for righteous indignation!”

The audience cheered and applauded loudly in response to his comments.

The assassination records of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. were notably mentioned in Bannon’s statement that Trump would “declassify everything” following his conceivable 2025 inauguration.

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Bannon explained, “An informed American citizen with the consent of the governed that does not comply needs that information.”

Bannon also roasted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) while he was speaking, calling him a “tragic figure” who “drank the Kool-Aid of the Murdochs and the donor class – you know why? They’re neoliberal neocons and he was gonna be their BOY!”

Turning Point Action’s anticipated straw poll seemed to reflect Bannon’s sentiments, as participating respondents indicated that Trump was their first choice for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination by a whopping 78-point lead. Republican businessman Perry Johnson netted the second spot, accruing 7.8 percent.

Gov. DeSantis came in third with only 4.3 percent of the vote.

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