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Trump’s Federal Suit Against New York A.G. Is Dismissed

Trump’s Federal Suit Against New York A.G. Is Dismissed.Mr. Trump had argued that an inquiry by the attorney general, Letitia James, violated his constitutional rights. It was his second legal loss in two days.

NB: In this post, I did not write anything fictional myself.This information was collected from The New York Times website.So let’s find out what (The New York Times) wrote about this.

Donald Trump’s latest law, Friday, allowed a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the former president.

This is thought to be due to the fact that the Attorney General of New York wanted to stop the citizen investigation into the business practice.

The verdict was handed down by a federal court in Albany.
The ruling was Donald Trump’s second defeat in an investigation in two days.

On Thursday, an appeals court ordered Mr. Trump and his two children to sit for questioning under oath from the office of the state’s attorney general, Letitia James.

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The verdicts, meanwhile, see Mrs. James complete her investigation within the next week or a month Although Mrs. James, a Democrat, is seeking re-election, Donaltram and his family do not have the power to bring criminal charges against the real estate business.

If he wants to sue, he can do so without hesitation. A source close to the matter said in a statement last month that his lawyer had indicated that a lawsuit could be filed soon, adding that the office was preparing an “enforcement action” in the near future.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. His lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

The court made it clear that “Donald J. “Trump’s unfounded legal challenges cannot stop our legal investigation into his and Trump’s financial dealings.”

Mrs. James said in a statement: “No one in this country can pick and choose how the law applies to them, and Donald Trump is no exception. As we have said, we will continue to investigate without hindrance.”

In Friday’s verdict, federal judge Brenda K. Sanes rejected Mr. Trump’s claim that Mr. James’ investigation was politically motivated and that he had violated his rights.

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Mr. Trump’s case cited a litany of Mrs. James’ public statements criticizing her, including a 2017 tweet announcing that she was “leading the resistance against Donald Trump in the NYC.”

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