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Trump’s Campaign Raises $7.1 Million Since Mugshot Was Taken

Since his mugshot was taken on August 24, 2023, as part of a probe into how he tried to change the results of the 2020 election in Georgia, the campaign for former President Donald Trump has raised $7,1 million.

The campaign has raised money by selling items with Trump’s mugshot on them and by getting gifts from people who think his arrest is a political witch hunt.

The day after Trump was arrested, his campaign raised $4.18 million, which is the most money it has ever raised in one day. More than 36,000 T-shirts, 24,000 coffee mugs, and 8,600 signs with Trump’s face on them have also been sold.

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The amount raised shows that Trump is still popular with his core group of followers. It also seems to show that Trump’s court problems might not have a big effect on his future in politics.

Some experts think that Trump’s ability to raise money could help him pay for a possible run for president in 2024. Others think that the money will pay for his case in court.

No matter what the money is used for, Trump’s cash haul shows that he still has political power.

In a statement, Trump’s team said that the fundraising was a “show of support from grassroots patriots” who think he is being “wrongfully persecuted.”

Trump said in the statement, “The American people know that I am not guilty of these charges, and they are standing up to defend me.”

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The investigation into what Trump did to try to change the results of the election in Georgia is still going on. Trump has said that he did nothing wrong.

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