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Trump’s Path to 2024 Cleared After Court Ruling | Trump Declared Eligible to Run for President Again After Court Vict

This week, Trump got good news from Florida, where a judge decided that a case that tried to keep him from running for president in 2024 didn’t have enough grounds.

Lawrence Caplan, a tax lawyer from Florida, sued Trump in federal court this summer, claiming that Trump had taken part in a “insurrection” and shouldn’t be able to hold office because of it, according to The Hill.

The reason for this was a phrase in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Caplan was implying that the events of January 6, 2021, fit the description of a supposed uprising.

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But Caplan’s hopes of keeping Trump from running for office were dashed when an Obama-appointed judge in the Sunshine State said that, when it came to the events of January 6, “an individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another person is qualified to hold public office.”

This decision is good news for Trump, who had a rough month of legal problems in August when he was indicted twice in a row. In total, the president has been charged with four crimes in 2023.

On Friday, President Trump made a snarky joke on Truth Social about the current court cases and charges he has been facing in 2023.

He wrote, “Keep bringing charges against your political opponent, no matter what or why. Keep him out of the ‘campaign trail’ and in the courts instead. Don’t think about his rights, the Constitution, or Liberty. Just relax and WATCH AMERICA CRASH!”

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Last week, Trump was arrested and taken to the Fulton County jail in Georgia. This was because he was charged with 41 crimes linked to the 2020 presidential election in a fourth accusation. In that case, 18 people who knew Trump or were close to him were also charged.

Trump’s win in Florida is good news for people who were scared that there would be more attempts to keep the 45th president off the 2024 election vote.

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