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Trump Was Right! Oversight Committee Reveals $20 MILLION Bombshell

A $20 million bombshell discovered by the House Oversight Committee is a startling discovery that seems to support President Trump’s assertions of pervasive wrongdoing at the Department of Justice.

ACCORDING TO THE COMMITTEE’S REPORT, the DOJ gave $20 million in grants to a collection of nonprofit organizations, which was made public on Monday. These grants were subsequently used to finance political campaigns against President Trump.

The audit also discovered that there was evidence of possible conflicts of interest and that the DOJ had not adequately supervised these awards.

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The DOJ and President Biden, who has frequently defended the department’s management of these programs, have both taken a significant hit due to this discovery. Serious doubts are also raised regarding the degree of politicization of the DOJ under the Biden administration.

This report appears to offer some support for the long-standing allegations made by Trump backers that the DOJ was biased against him. The study also casts doubt on the part that Merrick Garland, the attorney general, played in making these choices.

Although it’s unknown what effect this report will have, it will undoubtedly revive the discussion about the DOJ’s politicization. Other inquiries of these funds and the part the DOJ played in their awarding are also expected to result from it.


In a statement, Trump said that the report was “a major victory for truth and justice.” He also called on Garland to resign, saying that he had “lost all credibility.”

To date, the DOJ has not reacted to the report. The DOJ is “committed to ensuring that all of its grant programs are handled in a fair and equitable way,” according to a representative for the department.

In the upcoming weeks and months, the study will undoubtedly be a hot topic of conversation. Additionally, the DOJ and the Biden administration are expected to see a considerable influence.

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