Trump vs. DeSantis, by the numbers

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Trump vs. DeSantis, by the numbers. Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis

Trump, by the numbers:

The good news for Donald Trump is that he still has a high approval rating among Republicans, which is a good thing for him. At the same time, he is leading in all but one of the GOP preliminary ballot tests.

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But in the end, the good news did not last long. That’s good news from Donald Trump ends there.

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Many are claiming that President-elect Donald Trump is leaning against dissent on the national ballot and are losing the state’s primary ballot for the first time.

According to Five Thirty-Eight, Trump regularly gave Descents a total of more than 60 percent in the top 50s,

But the last time he hit 60 percent in Echelon’s poll was in late April.

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Last month, data revealed that Donald Trump was mostly in the lower to mid-50s.

Normally, a 28-point lead would be a cause for celebration, but it wouldn’t be for Donald Trump.

A recent poll found that Republicans lag far behind his approval rating.

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According to the YouGov June 21 benchmark, Trump has 80 percent approval, which means he is about 30 points behind on the ballot.

If you want, you can find out more about this from the YouGov website: Economist / YouGov Poll

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For all these reasons, while Donaltram is the only Republican to truly stand, the whole country is rallying and many are claiming that he is announcing his candidacy and working tirelessly to dominate the title.

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DeSantis, by the numbers:

Meanwhile, it is seen that DeSantis is running, he will not make any mistakes.
Only in a highly calculated, secret manner. As a result,
Its national number is not so great at face value. It is seen that he has overtaken Donaltram nationally and in the preliminary vote.

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According to a poll by Yahoo News, its national approval is 33 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval.
But this is not the End. Will have to go through re-election in Florida again in November.

Where DeSantis looks best is compared to Trump and others. In the same Yahoo poll, every political figure had a net negative rating. Trump was down 10 points and Mike Pence were down 12 points.

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Negative feelings were less pronounced for DeSantis: only 26 percent viewed independent Dissantis very unfavorably, compared to 54 percent for Trump.

With Hispanics – a top GOP target group – Descents are down 28 percent to 33 percent (20 percent very unfavorable), but Trump is down 38 percent to 52 percent (41 percent very unfavorable).

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Trump is feeling the heat

The number of votes is not the only problem for Trump. DeSantis has speed and is playing an orderly long game. DeSantis is in office, following the actual policy.

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Offering real alternatives instead of just complaining; He’s capturing some of the fancies in the media and some fancy celebrities like Bill Maher and Elon Musk – which was Trump’s territory before.

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