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While speaking at the Alabama GOP banquet on Friday night in Montgomery, Trump issued a warning to covert power brokers.

He told an eager crowd of Republican supporters, “The Deep State is destroying our nation, but the tables must turn, and we will quickly destroy the Deep State.”

Trump added, “We know where the bodies are buried,” which perhaps alluded to his intent to uncover unsavory Deep State secrets and corruption.

He pointed out that often, Republicans are accused of not fighting “hard enough” and noted that he agreed with this sentiment, although there were some exceptions. “They never said that about Trump,” he remarked.

The president joked that his willingness to punch back was “one of the reasons that you like me!”

The president made his first formal appearance on Friday following his arraignment in Washington, D.C., on federal charges stemming from a grand jury investigation into the protests of January 6, 2021.

“We are NOT a free nation,” Trump said. “We don’t have a free press. We have a corrupt press.”

The president also discussed the situation of the GOP primary election, economic policy, and foreign and domestic policy.

He commented, “We have the highest poll numbers we’ve ever had and that’s because the people of this country are DISGUSTED by what’s happening.”

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