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Trump Scores Major Victory in Supreme Court

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Trump Scores Major Victory in Supreme Court, Upholding Eviction Moratorium

The Supreme Court maintained Donald Trump’s eviction moratorium on Tuesday, giving him a significant victory. A key defeat for landlords and property owners who sought to evict tenants who had fallen behind on their rent during the COVID-19 pandemic was the 6-3 decision, which was rendered along ideological lines.

The moratorium was created to stop a wave of evictions that would have rendered millions of Americans homeless. It was initially announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in September 2020. The CDC asserted that the ban was required to safeguard the public’s health because evictions might promote further pathogen spread.

However, a number of landlords and property owners contested the moratorium in court, claiming it was an abuse of executive authority that violated the constitution. The Supreme Court eventually took up the matter, and hearings were held in January.

The Supreme Court upheld the moratorium in its decision on Tuesday, but only temporarily. The moratorium may be extended by the CDC through July 31, 2021, the court decided. The court further stated that in order to maintain the embargo through July 31 the CDC would need to offer a more thorough justification.

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The decision was a blow for property owners and landlords who wanted to remove tenants who were late on their rent. According to the decision, these landlords and property owners will not be able to evict renters until July 31.

The housing market is likely to be significantly impacted by the decision. The moratorium’s expiration might trigger a wave of evictions that could have a negative impact on the economy because it had stopped millions of Americans from being evicted.

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Politics may also be affected by the decision. Democrats had favored the moratorium, and its expiration might give them a boost before the 2022 midterm elections.

Although the Supreme Court’s decision is a significant triumph for Trump, it is unclear if it will have a long-term effect. The moratorium is scheduled to end in July, and it is uncertain if the CDC will be able to provide justification for keeping it in place after that time.

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If the moratorium does end, there might be a large number of evictions, which would likely have an adverse effect on the housing market and the economy.

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