Trump Says He Should ‘Get All the Credit’ if GOP Wins, ‘Not Be Blamed’ if They Lose

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Trump Says He Should ‘Get All the Credit’ if GOP Wins, ‘Not Be Blamed’ if They Lose

Former President Trump thinks everyone knows he is responsible for the fate of the Republicans in the 2022 midterms. He said Trump would deserve the accolade if Republicans took control of Congress. But if Democrats retain control, someone else will have to blame.

“Well, I think I should get all the credit if they win,” Trump said in an interview with News Nation that aired Tuesday. “And if they lose, I should not be blamed at all. But it will probably be just the opposite.”

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Trump thinks it’s important for Republican candidates to run for office. “I probably get very little credit, even though in many cases I’ve asked people to run and they’ve run and they’ve turned out to be very good candidates,” Trump complained.

Trump has personally campaigned for several Republican candidates, including Senate GOP nominee JD Vance in Ohio and Dr. He campaigned for Mehmet Oz.

“When the Republicans do well, I don’t get any credit, and if they do bad, they blame me for everything,” Trump said.

Rolling Stone reported last month that the president was already preparing to challenge the results of the midterm elections and that he planned to start in Pennsylvania if the Democratic Party lost to Bhutan. Days before the election, Trump told Republican allies that he believed there was an election scandal in Philadelphia and elsewhere in the state. happened Trump said in 2020, \

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Without evidence, that “voter fraud was committed in state capitals to ensure Joe Biden’s victory.”Former President Donald Trump is continuing to draw from his 2020 playbook to cast doubt on the 2022 election, even as the winner remains unclear on election night.

Trump has mostly denied Truth Social’s false claims of fraud. The same thing is happening with voter fraud that happened in 2020,” he wrote.

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