Trump says Clinton lawyer acquittal fuels 2024 election ambitions

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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign acquitted a lawyer of lying to the FBI,Donaltram says he is ready to fight harder to run the White House in 2024.

That’s what Donaltram told former President Fox News Digital

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Donaltram, the former president, told Fox News Digital that he wants to fight hard for the 2024 election anyway because he thinks that if we do not win, our country will be destroyed. “Our bad boundaries, bad elections, and a court system are not working properly,” he said.

We have seen who defeated Clinton in 2016 and Donaltram became the President of America But he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, forcing him to step down as US president. But Donaltram did not accept this defeat at all He denies

Trump was indicted for inciting sedition but was acquitted, leaving him free to run for office.
In legal trouble for the election and for trying to turn his business around, he said he would decide on the race after the midterm elections this year.

Trump’s retention power in the Republican Party has been called into question after the initial defeat of the candidates he supported. However, he is popular with the party base.

Clinton’s lawyer, Michael Susman, has been accused of lying to the FBI. When the information was leaked to express doubts about the connection between Trump and Russia. But he has been acquitted.

As for Clinton, Trump said, “She should be ashamed of herself.”

“I think she should be ashamed of herself, and she lost the election. She should be ashamed of herself and so should [Adam] Schiff and all these corrupt politicians,” Trump told Fox News Digital.

Trump’s special adviser and Russian investigator Robert Mueller found no evidence of direct collusion. He provided extensive evidence of contacts between Trump’s associates and Moscow, pleaded guilty or received charges from 34 people and three companies, and described 11 incidents of potential obstruction of justice by Trump or his campaign.

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