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Trump Reveals DoD and Space Force Have ‘True’ Results

I’m reposting the video interview we published last week since I just watched it again and still find it hard to believe what happened.

And I am aware that a large number of individuals missed this previous week since they were on family holidays.

After you view this, get ready to stand up and applaud because it is genuinely fantastic on so many levels.

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Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is the subject of a recent interview on England’s GBN, which, I suppose, stands for Great Britain News.

Political strategist Dr. Halper-Hayes, a member of the Trump Transition Team, frequently appears on BBC, CNBC, CNN, and Breitbart.

In less than 10 minutes, she makes several STUNNING claims, I’ll mentioned just a few here:

1 – SpaceForce captured the real results of the 2020 election

2 – The Dept. of Defense has all the evidence — all the goods! — of the 2020 steal.  They’ve been waiting to show the American public because they knew if they showed them right away it would have led to a Civil War

3 – Dr. Halper-Hayes sits (or sat?) on a DOD Task Force and has unique knowledge of this information

4 – the theory floating around the Internet of the U.S. being a bankrupt corporation is TRUE

5 – Trump ended that deal when he visited the Queen and the Vatican

6 – The defunct corporation is now dissolved

7 – Trump took all of our gold out of the Vatican and it took 650 planes to get it home

President Trump recently disclosed that the Space Force and the Department of Defense (DoD) have achieved “real” outcomes in their missions. He added that these findings were “extremely significant” and will “make America safer” without going into further detail.

Trump’s remarks come as the Department of Defense and the Space Force are dealing with escalating threats from asteroids. Both China and Russia have been testing anti-satellite weapons while also building up their own space armies. The vulnerability of American satellites, which are crucial for communication, navigation, and surveillance, has come under scrutiny as a result of these advances.


The DoD and the Space Force are taking these threats seriously and are striving to create new capabilities to thwart them, according to Trump’s comments. He lauded the Space Force for being “extremely agile” and “quite imaginative,” and he said that the Pentagon is “spending a lot of money” on space.

The critics of Trump’s decision to establish the Space Force are sure to applaud his remarks. The Space Force, according to some detractors, is not essential and will take resources away from other DoD objectives. Trump’s remarks, however, imply that the Space Force is essential in defending US space interests.

What particular outcomes the DoD and the Space Force have achieved is yet unknown. Trump’s remarks, however, imply that they are moving through with their missions and that they are taking the risks posed by asteroid rivals seriously. This is wonderful news for the United States because it demonstrates that we are taking action to safeguard our space interests.

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One thought on “Trump Reveals DoD and Space Force Have ‘True’ Results

  • Leonda Tabner

    To my President .Im so proud of you for protecting our America.I only wish you didnt have to carry all the load .Your a great Man with a big heart .You have a wonderful family they too have done so much .God Bless you with protection from the evils My love and respect
    .Leonda A Tabner


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