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Trump Responds When Asked If He’d Consider DeSantis as His Running Mate

Trump Responds When Asked If He’d Consider DeSantis as His Running Mate

The governor of his home state, Ron DeSantis, is currently Donald Trump’s closest rival in the increasing field of Republican presidential candidates.

According to some political analysts, Trump is likely to easily win the GOP nomination in 2024, which might put him in a rematch with President Joseph Biden. As a result, the GOP primaries are actually about who will come in second place.


DeSantis currently seems to be cruising into the No. 2 place, but a lot might change before Republican voters begin casting their primary ballots.

Hence, when all the primary dust has settled, it only makes sense to think that a Trump-DeSantis ticket is at least plausible.


He went on to suggest that challenging him for the GOP nomination, may have cost DeSantis any chance at becoming vice president.

“I was very surprised that he did,” Trump said, according to Florida’s Voice. “Without that, it would have been a distinct possibility.”

Trump has frequently claimed credit in the past for DeSantis’ narrow victory in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

“Hey, Rob DeSanctimonious approached me and asked for assistance. In a May Truth Twitter post, Trump stated that popular Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam had him down by 31 points.

“With three sizable Trump rallies, he unexpectedly won the general election. DISLOYAL!!!”

DeSantis, meanwhile, has been more prepared to criticize the former president subtly. He criticized Trump’s usage of nicknames, according to Florida’s Voice. It seems so petty to me. It seems so childish to me,” DeSantis added.

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“Honestly, I don’t think that’s what voters want, and I think that his behavior, which he’s been doing for years, is unacceptable.”

If Trump and DeSantis were to run for president as Florida residents, Florida voters in the Electoral College would not be permitted to support them.

According to History, in a situation like this, Florida’s Electoral College votes would be in jeopardy since Article II of the Constitution compels electors to vote for one candidate who is not from their home state.

According to earlier reports, Trump is considering picking a female running mate, possibly one who isn’t necessarily a Republican.

Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld made a startling recommendation in early May: independent former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

“What I like about Tulsi is that you couldn’t foresee a third opinion if she gave you two opinions. She embodies who a person is. Like,

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