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Trump remembers Suzanne Somers as ‘strong, inspirational, kind’

At the age of 76, Suzanne Somers was a cherished actress, writer, and businesswoman who passed away on October 16, 2023. She gained notoriety for her portrayal of Chrissy Snow in the sitcom Three’s Company, in addition to her vocal advocacy for former President Donald Trump and her conservative activism.

Using his social media network Truth Social, Trump paid tribute to Somers, praising her as “very beautiful,” “strong, inspirational, and kind.” Plus, he added, she “loved our Country.”

It was well known that Somers and Trump were friends, and she had publicly praised him multiple times. She declared herself “happy” about him and “happy that the economy is doing so much better” in a 2018 interview with TMZ.

Somers was not afraid to voice her opinions and was a fierce defender of her convictions. She frequently used her position to spread the word about Trump and was a fervent admirer of his programs.

Somers was a prosperous entrepreneur as well. She started her own business, Suzanne Somers Enterprises, which offers jewelry, clothes, and a range of goods, including cosmetics and health care items. In addition, she wrote a number of books, such as Sexy Years and Knock Your Socks Off.

Somers was a compassionate and loving individual, as well as a gifted performer and ardent supporter of her convictions. Her admirers, friends, and family will all sincerely miss her.

Apart from her career in show business and entertainment, Somers was also a strong supporter of cancer education and prevention. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 1989, she had a radical mastectomy. Later on, she rose to prominence as an American Cancer Society spokesperson, contributing to the disease’s increased public exposure.

For a lot of individuals, Somers served as an inspiration, proving to the world that it is possible to triumph over hardship and realize your goals. We were all inspired by her.

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